Dainty Vases

I am still in Texas with my family and having a great time. I do miss the convenience of knowing where all my things are, like ingredients to bake or seasonings to make dinner. I also miss knowing where all my craft supplies are, couldn’t even find a ruler to measure something the other day! However, I can’t complain because having my parents take care of me is a wonderful thing.

One big thing I miss is decorating my home (maybe that’s why I recently embarked on a DIY wall remodel at my parent’s house, post to come soon). Since my wedding in June of 2012, I’ve been obsessed with dainty little vases. I place them all over the house and put one or two stems of flowers in them to decorate the house a bit. Vinegar/oil bottles are great, little bulb vases, mason jars, skinny vases – I love them all! They make me so happy! 


The first vase is an olive oil bottle. The second and third vases were from my wedding. I purchased these gorgeous things on Craigslist from a previous bride. I adore the bulb one in the middle!


How gorgeous are these flowers? Does anyone know what they are called?

What are some decor elements you like to place around the house? Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Dainty Vases

  1. Hi Jamie!!
    Seems like you’re doing really well! I think those flowers are a type of dahlia. Sending love to both you and MG.

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