Easter and Poshmark

My weekend was basically going to Easter services and Poshmark!

I went to Good Friday service then headed home and MG, and I watched the Sex and the City movie on Bravo. Random but such a great way to end the night – a mindless movie for entertainment!

On Saturday, I wanted to use my $10 coupons at Kohl’s and JCPenney; it was the last day before it expired. I shopped until I could find something to buy… kinda tortuous when you don’t really want to shop. MG and I ended up with a pair of sleeping pants, socks, a card, and a pan holder, a random collection. We then went to a musical at Neighborhood Church in Castro Valley, and watched a play based on the Book of Luke. Every Easter they host musicals, and I highly recommend attending because the production is amazing. Think Broadway-type singing and very detailed sets; all for $5.

We attended an Easter Baptism at our church on Sunday. The highlight was that my roommie, Jess, made homemade Korean noodle soup. Dee-li-ciousss! Then we topped off the night with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Movie is bomb dot com (people still say that right?)! Le sigh… he’s so beautiful. If you watch it, make sure you stay for the end credits; there’s two. Sadly, I didn’t know about the second one, sad face… It’s a good movie! And did I mention he’s beautiful?

Oh yeah… and I mentioned Poshmark. I’ve been actively on this mobile app trying to sell some of my clothes, some new and some gently worn. The app receives 20% of your sale, and you keep the rest. You can join parties that occur throughout the day to market you items. The hosts of the parties pick some of their favorite things, called host picks. I received 3 Host Picks this weekend, which has increased my activity and I’m almost at 1,000 followers! If you’re on it, add me (jay_lam). I’ve purchased a few items, but I have yet to sell any clothes. I’m spending more than I’m making… oops. But if you have any advice on getting stuff sold, let me know. Also if you have clothes you want me to sell, bring them on over!

Now leaving you off with this pic. Can you spot the creeper?

Gosh, I love that guy so much ^^^

What did you do this weekend?

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