It’s summer vacation time! Do you have any travel plans coming up? Cause I do! And I’m going to Europe!

On Friday I’m flying to Austin to attend my baby sister’s graduation. Guess she’s not a baby anymore… I’m so proud that she has gotten into her dream Master’s program at the University of Texas in Houston. \m/

To celebrate, WE’RE GOING TO EUROPE! I’m leaving on Friday to attend her graduation and then we’re going to Rome for our first stop. During our three weeks on vacation, we’re going to Rome, Florence, Venice, Barcelona, Dublin, Paris, and London. Whew… you can catch your breath now!

With summer vacations coming up, I put together a packing list. I’m usually the girl that packs half her closet for a 2 week trip. My thoughts – you want choices and decisions and multiple outfits! 6 pairs of shoes for a 2 week vacation sounds right to me but perhaps crazy to some.


If I could, I would bring this guy ^^^

BUT traveling to so many different countries in Europe means I’ll need to pack light in order to fit one carry on in those small cross-country planes. I’ve put much thought into what I should bring, and I want to share what I’m going to bring. Hopefully this will be super helpful for you if you’re going somewhere this summer too!


1. Stick with the same color scheme!

There’s a reason why neutrals don’t go out of style. If you want a pop of color, bring a scarf. Keep your colors simple and you won’t regret your style decisions 10 years down the line.

2. Bring pieces that will match all items!

One shirt that matches all three bottoms gives you three outfits. One bottom that matches all your tops gives you 5 outfits. Possibilities are endless which means you can pack light.

3. Accessorize to change up from day to night.

Wear a fedora for day time with a dress, and switch the fedora with a chunky necklace for night time with the same dress. It’s as simple as that! Black shorts with a blouse for the day and switch to a clutch and wedges for a night look.

Take a looksee to find what I’ve put together. Links to purchase these items are found below, and they are extremely affordable! My splurges are on shoes, Gema & CO jewelry, and purses. I believe that those are items that should last.

Travel Light

Light anorak from GAP // Chambray cover-up from JCrew Factory // Black blouse from H&M // Lace shell from Piperlime // Short sleeve t-shirt from Target // Vintage V-neck t-shirt from Target // White tank from Target // Jacquard Mini from Zara // Black shorts from H&M // Skinnies from H&M // Striped dress from Nordstrom // Khaki dress from H&M // Swimsuit from Target // Floral scarf from Target // Hat from H&M // Aviators from Zappos // Necklace from Madewell // Statement necklace from JCrew // Braided belt from JCPenney // Clutch from Asos // Crossbody from Madewell // Converse from Nordstrom // Cole Haan wedges from Zappos // Salt Water sandals from ModCloth

Bringing less also means shopping more! What do you think of my collection? Do you have any advice on how to travel light?

While I’m on vacation, I’ll be taking a hiatus from this blog for a bit. I’ll post pictures of my trip when I come back!

Becoming practical cause I’m old,

11 thoughts on “Eurotrip!

  1. Here are my tips for you: 1) Just remember… pack only what you can carry…many places in Europe does not have elevators/escalators. 2) Don’t forget your battery conversion kit 3) Check each and every one of your bills… it has been our experience where they try to rip us off about 15-20 Euros a day in Rome. After Lira became Euros, many ready to retire lost a lot of money due to conversion… ma/pop shops/restaurants are the worst offenders. 4) Be careful of pick-pocketers… they’re every where!! Especially mom carrying children that are sleeping/drugged… if they approach you, put your hand out and tell them “NO” – usually as they approach you, another child would have stolen your belongings/wallet 5) Leave your passport in a safe at the hotel, make a copy of your passport to carry with you. I gave the same advice to a former FBI Bureau agent… luckily he had a copy to take to the Embassy to get a new passport, but he had his wallet/belongings stolen – additional unforeseen costs associated with staying longer to wait for money to be wired / a new passport to be issued. 6) Many famous landmarks (such as Vatican City and St. Mark’s Square) have strict dress code of no short skirts, no bare shoulders, etc. – have a scarf handy to cover-up if necessary. Let me know if you need more info. Have a fun and safe trip!!

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    • Hi Shelley! Thanks for reading along. I wore these items in Europe, and it was perfect. I purchased espadrilles for the heels, and it was great for nicer dinners/night outings. If comfy, totally worth it! Check out Cole Haans for some really comfy, buttery leather espadrilles!

  3. Shelley, I’ve looked at lots of packing posts and yours is one of the best. You keep it to basics yet there are great outfit options. I usually overpack and am always surprised at how much I didn’t even wear! I spent a month in Italy with only a backpack in 2014, and that included biking clothes for a week of biking. Now I’m going on a trip to France in April and I know I will have room in my bag to bring stuff home. I’d like to add a couple of tips – choose clothing made of light materials that are quick wash and wear, and that don’t wrinkle. Joe Fresh has some great options. And when struggling with what to pack, remember that although you have lots of great clothes in your closet that you want to bring, you’ll have plenty of other occasions to wear them, just not this trip!

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