Life You Want Weekend Tour in San Jose

What’s the first thing you think of when I say Oprah?

Prior to this weekend, I was indifferent. Duh, she’s a celebrity and you’ve heard her name, but what did you really think about her? After this weekend, I have so many words to describe her – inspiration, positivity, motivator, real, inner beauty, and the list goes on.

Oprah’s been on tour for the past 2.5 months all over the country for the Life You Want Weekend Tour. Oprah, along with her team of Trailblazers, give inspirational speeches to encourage individuals to change their life, grasp what you want, and begin now.

In all her glory and splendor!!!

I know your biggest question is “Did you get to meet Oprah?” Well check out the pictures below to see! I’ve also got a lot of words of wisdom below, some stuff that will really help bring some light into your life.

During this 2-day conference, Oprah and her team asked the question “What have you ben called to do?” Her Trailblazers included Deepak Chopra (a pioneer in mind-body medicine), Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love), Rob Bell (pastor), and Iyanla Vanzant (star and diva on OWN). Lots of great people!

Again and again, it was reminded that everyday should be a day for us to be positive. We should make each and every day count. That journey to a greater standard begins now, the moment you decide to change.

“I want us all to fulfill our greatest potential. To find our calling, and to summon the courage to live it” -Oprah

They even brought out the Soulcycle crew to pump us up!


“The energy you put out is always the energy that’s coming back to you” -Oprah

This conference really helped me to realize that I need to be more uplifting, in my own life and in the lives of people surrounding me. Happy thoughts. Why waste a moment of life to be negative? Wouldn’t you want others to say that you made a positive impact in their lives? What a great compliment.

I know sometimes you feel like there are things that get in the way to chasing your dreams. I don’t know what that might be in your life. Perhaps a relationship going wrong. Drama that creeps in. Bills. Contracts. Rent. Whatever it is, remember that Life requires one thing from you, breathNone of the other things matter in the grand scheme of things. Breath and find your way out. Stay positive, and keep moving forward. Perhaps it’s time to take the leap of faith and take a step in a different direction to see where that leads you.

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So that day I asked my self 1 question…  One question – What do you want from life? Oprah said that most people say happiness. Her second question then is “What does that look like to you?” Most people say, “I don’t know.” So now take a moment to visualize what happiness would look like in your life. Be specific. Does it mean a vegetable garden in your backyard? A 5-bedroom house with 2 cars? 3 kids and a dog? Work towards what you imagined. When you get there, you’ll know happiness.

Another great assignment to help you reflect on your life:

One of the workbook questions asked you to write down someone you love dearly and write what you would want for their life. Do this! I promise it’s worth it. Close your eyes. Picture the person you love the most. What do you wish for them?

I put down MG. I wanted him to have joy in family and friends. I wanted him to be sitting on the couch with kids running up to give him love and to have a strong community that he could lean on. I also wanted him to dream big, for him to work on a project that holds a greater purpose. And I wanted him to have support, someone to always be an encouragement. In the end, it was revealed that this assignment was actually a reflection of your own life. Those are also things that you want for yourself, things that would make you fulfilled. Work towards that fulfillment.

At the end of this event, I realized that my purpose in life is to glorify God. When I think about how He’s called me live like Jesus, pieces of life fall into place. Living for Him gives me purpose. Living for Him gives me happiness. And if I were to take my faith away, I would feel lost. In the end, He’s given me breath. And for that reason, I live to bring Him praise.

And yes, I got to meet her and take a picture. She’s amazing.

Oprah and Me

Christmas card pic?!?

What are some things that you can change in your life now? How can you stay positive during the rough spots in your life? Remember that and do it when it gets hard.

What did you do this weekend?

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