Nerd Party & Antiques

What do you do during a 3-day weekend?

Let the husband plan one day.
Rest another.
Let the wife plan the last.

This makes everyone happy!

Husband’s plan:
Host a LAN party, aka nerd hangout. Props to you if you know what LAN stands for… anyone? MG invited his childhood friends, and they all brought over their laptops and PCs. After stuffing our faces with turkey weenies in a blanket, triple chocolate brownies, caramel chocolate chip cookies, guacamole, and garlic fries… After a few sodas and a few beers… After 2 hours of configuration and downloading (4 routers, 10 people hardwired into the cable, 2 on wifi, lots of IT knowledge), we were finally ready to game.

Here’s the gang (we had to get an extra table at Costco the morning of).


LAN Players

The Milkcrate
Pretty cool set up right? Even if you’re not a nerd, you have to appreciate this (at least the hosting aspect of it)! Also this picture directly above ^^^, that’s MG’s cousin Brian. He built his own computer, at least it’ll never heat up right? We named thee, “The Milkcrate.” Don’t hate!

We played Team Fortress 2. It’s a first-person shooter game, with missions, like capturing bases, unlocking sectors on the map, and pushing a cart down a rail. I basically bum rushed people and set them on fire. I was an amazing Pyro. Proof? Look at the screen grab below. Yay! Obviously this was a one-time thing – I was usually towards the bottom. Heh.

Team Fortress

Wife’s Plan:
On Monday, we went to Danville (my first time), and it’s an adorable little town in the North Bay. We walked around downtown, and the city is lined with antique shops. You can call me Explorer Jay, because I LOOOVE antiquing. Look at how lovely this place is:

Danville Sites
The town is full of shops like these.

Crafts in Danville
Perfect for crafting!

Antique bottles, vases, and gadgets galore!

Had a little bit of fun in front of a mirror at an antique shop:

Just for fun

It was SO HOT. So we took a break and got some Starbucks. Always a delicious treat!

Break time

More importantly, look what I found for the house!!!

Only $10!
I will be putting this above the toilet in our guest bathroom. I’ll be revamping this just a bit! Stay tuned…

Only $15!
This bench has SO much potential. It’ll be going downstairs so that people can sit and put their shoes on. Reupholster the seat and fresh paint will give this bench new life! A reupholstery tutorial to come soon…

CabinetNow, this is my favorite piece so far. Only $20 at the Salvation Army (OMG and still in great condition)!
I’ve been looking for a storage unit to go in my living room, so that I can put away some of my appliances since our kitchen space is limited. I am going to tint the wood, add some hardware pieces, and it’s going to look fabulous. DIY tutorial on this later as well.

I’m really excited for these projects. As you can see, this will be keeping me busy for a while!

What did you do this weekend?

5 thoughts on “Nerd Party & Antiques

  1. First of all, the LAN PARTY!! LOL!! I remember Wilson and Ming-gih used to host them back in college. Totally awesome. Fun to see so many familiar faces in your pictures.

    Second of all, i LOVE the bench that you found! And i can’t wait to see what you are going to do with the storage unit. 😀

    We shot two weddings this weekend – one on Saturday, and one yesterday on Labor day. I’m pooped.

    • Hi Cindy! One of the boys said it was the best LAN party yet (at least better than college since we provided drinks and snacks for everyone). Guess you’re too cheap in college to do that! Funny thing was that I thought everyone was going to spend the night and game until sunrise… But MG told me that everyone is too old to do that anymore, so it has to be a daytime thing. Haha!!!

      Sounds like you were one busy baby mama this past weekend. 🙂

  2. LOL, LAN stands for local area network!

    Yep, we are too old to play all night now. I once played Portal 2 with a friend (co-op) from like 9pm to 6am. Can’t do that anymore… I’m exhausted by midnight now!

    Sunday night, I made the ramen burger, using the recipe you provided! My bf and I added egg to the noodles, put them in the fridge for a bit to hold the shape, before putting it on the pan. Since we like the noodles crunchy, we baked it after pan-frying the noodles. We also used the Indomie Mi Goreng noodle pack, and added one or two of the packs to the ground beef. I’m already craving it again…

    • Of course you know what LAN stands for… you were one of the nerds there, HA! I don’t think I’d be able to pull an all-nighter either… I would definitely pass out.

      So glad you tried the ramen burger – that pic on your IG looked yummy! Next LAN party, I’ll make you cook the ramen burgers! BTW, I LOOOOOVE MI GORENG (passion shown via all caps).

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