Year End 2013

Happy New Year!

Looking back at the past year, it’s been quite a ride. There have been some unfortunate events but also some proud accomplishments.

1. My grandpa passed away in February
This was a difficult start to the year. My grandpa passed away early February in Vancouver. He would have been so proud to see so many grandkids and family members gathered together to celebrate his life. I miss him dearly.

^^^ His first tapioca drink

^^^ At my tea ceremony on my wedding day

2. I quit my job in March
The view to work was amazing, the Ferry Building and then Fisherman’s Wharf. Jealous? I get it. But it was a 3 hour commute, roundtrip, for me to get to work. By the end of day, I was so tired I could barely eat dinner. Media will always be pulsing through my blood – I love the details, I love the calculations, I love the projects. It’s just time for me to take a break right now.


3. Built a house in Tijuana, Mexico!
I didn’t think much of going on missions trips, but an opportunity came up. MG and I decided to go to Mexico, kind of on a whim, and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve come to realize that God has blessed me in more ways than I ever knew, and He’s taught me how important it is to live humbly and joyous.

^^^ Drilling into the drywall

4. Conquered Norovirus… twice
All I got to say is, don’t get it. Diarrhea (lots of it), stomach cramps where you’re prescribed Vicodin, bottles of Pepto becomes your best friend, and fevers and shivers all night long. I had to get a Saline IV because I was dehydrated and my fever wasn’t coming down. Don’t get it. More importantly, don’t get it twice.


5. A homey abode
When I quite my job, I told myself I would not bum around all day. I embarked on a bunch of DIY home projects, and I’ve made the Lam home a place of comfort. I painted all our walls, revamped furniture pieces, framed up wedding pics, and even organized our garage this past year!


^^^ Stenciled an entire wall

6. I adopted a Chubaloo!
Chubs has been one of my best decisions yet! Adopting this guy has brought so much happiness into my life. He cuddles. He fetches. He greets me at the door. I encourage you to adopt shelter animals. Getting Chubs has changed my views on adoption. If I could love an animal so much, how much more could I love a child. Perhaps I’ll have an opportunity to provide a loving home for an adopted child one day.

^^^ My butterball turkey

7. One year of marriage
We celebrated our one year glamping (glamorous camping) in Santa Cruz. People say the first year is difficult, but we’ve had a great time. The best part is going to bed and having pillow talk and waking up to the person you love every day. The second best thing is not having to drive an hour to see each other every other day! There have been fights, like old habits that need to be kicked, or divvying chores, but that’s part of the package. I’m okay with that!


8. Learning guitar
I finally asked a sweet friend to teach me how to play the guitar. Lydia comes over once a week to teach me a few chords. It’s helpful to have a routine and someone to teach you (I’m very much a visual learner). I can play things in the key of G now! I know 5 chords and can play a few songs. Not too shabby for someone who just learned in a span of 2 weeks! Maybe I’ll be the next Taylor Swift… right.


9. Aperture & shutter speed
MG bought me the Sony NEX-5R, but I never got around to using it. I knew nothing about photography. Then I asked a friend to teach me a few tricks, and I learned about aperture and shutter speed. I’m still practicing how to take good shots, but at least I have some sort of foundation now.


10. This blog
And finally this blog launched, Jay’s Cup. It’s my little place to keep my memories, recipes, and projects. It’ll be a keepsake, and a place where I can come back read about past experiences. Thank you to all of you who have been reading along and being so supportive of this blog. Have a cup of tea with me, and continue to read on about happenings in the upcoming year.

Jay's Cup

I pray that blessings overflow in 2014 for you.

In His Love,