26: Officially Late 20’s

Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!
Cheers to me with butter beer! Get that in my belly!

Butter beer
Double fisting a frozen and a cold butter beer ^^^

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for my birthday. Is there any better way to celebrate?!?

^^^ Hogwarts with the gang ^^^

MG, thank you for this epic birthday!

Dumbledore's Office
Visiting Dumbledore ^^^

Why are we in Orlando? My sister and her boyfriend, Baldwin, signed up for the Disney half marathon. So this year instead of going to Vegas during CES for my birthday, I’m going to Disney – total 180 right? MG and I decided to come support their marathon, and we made a birthday trip out of it.

First two days, we went to Universal Studios. The second day we went to Islands of Adventures, where Harry Potter World is located. By far the best theme park ride I’ve ever been on was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey  (the Hogwarts castle ride). I told myself I wouldn’t have high expectations of this park, but in my heart, I did. And this theme park met my expectations and beyond! Every detail is magnificent!

We walked down Hogsmead:


Olivander’s Wand Shop is a must. I was totally confused why it was a 30 minute wait to get into the gift shop, but it’s not just a shop. There’s a show! This was the most epic part of the theme park because Olivander chose Katie and I to test out wands!!! As Olivander was talking to us and looking into our eyes, I really felt like a wizard. Best experience yet!


This image was taken in the dark so it’s blurry, but you can see me testing out a wand! “Wingardium Leviosa”

We didn’t chose the wands… the wands chose us!

Boxes and boxes of wands

The Monster Book of Monsters
The Monster Book of Monsters was also in the wand shop!

Next stop – Honeydukes for candy!


Got a sweet tooth?

Chocolate frog, Fizzing Whizzbees (magic in my mouth), and Every Flavour Beans ^^^

And for my birthday dinner, we went to the Three Broomsticks!!!

Three Broomsticks

Dinner FeastAmazing theme park food, a serious feast!

Birthday Trifle
My birthday chocolate trifle – eating this at Hog’s Head

Are you jealous now? This truly was an epic birthday, even for a 26 year old. I’m officially in my late twenties – another year older and another year wiser.

Oh and if you’re wondering, “Why are you so bundled up in Florida?” It was 37° F, all day. I wore leggings under my jeans, my skiing baselayer, two jackets including an Omni-Heat jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves. Gloves was the best idea because as you’re gripping the roller coaster, your fingers are warm.


Buckbeak says bye

HP love,