Chinese Herbal Medicine

I’m sad to say, my face broke out about three months ago. My pores got clogged because the lotion I was using for my face was too oily for my skin. This can happen! Make sure that you get the correct lotion for your skin type. Don’t learn the hard way, like I did.

My skin still isn’t back to itself. I think it’s in the middle of healing right after gaining treatment from certain experts (learn more from My Botox LA Med Spa) now so I look like a teenage girl who just hit puberty…


I’ve had a bad case of acne before, in high school. I had to take antibiotics two times a day to control my skin. The medicine cause me to be nauseous because it was so strong. During that time, my acne cleared up but I swore that I wouldn’t take that medicine again.

Fast forward to today, I basically have bumps all along my chin, side of my jawline, forehead, and cheeks. ***super sad face*** I have a Clarisonic now and exfoliate regularly (Thanks Holly). And probably TMI (but they don’t call me TMI Jay for nothing), each and every bump is pop-able. Sebum comes out (it’s like blackheads but white). If I try popping, my skin bruises. It is a really depressing story.

I had enough; I finally decided to go see the doctors. My doctor prescribed me a topical gel, which didn’t work 2 weeks in. So I went back in for another visit. She told me the next best thing was to start me on antibiotics, which is a strong prescription and does affect your stomach lining. Remember when I swore I wouldn’t take antibiotics again? I told her no and that I would find other solutions. Here is an expert who can give you more skincare tips you can read her explanation here.

Never once would I go to see a Chinese doctor on my own, but my friend recommended it. And I’m willing to try anything but drugs at this point. I thought about doing weekly facials but wow, that wouldn’t be cheap! So an Eastern doctor it is. I made an appointment to see a doctor in Oakland Chinatown. He diagnosed me, and sent me home with 5 days worth of Chinese herbs. It’s still costly, but not as pricey as a facialist. It’s a $60 appointment fee (usually around 15-20 minutes), and $12-$15 a bag of herbs. These herbs come in brown paper baggies with handpicked herbs by the doctor.


To make the medicine, you must have a clay pot to boil the medicine. It’s not recommended to use metallic pots because metal can react with the herbs in a negative way. I bought a large clay pot at Daiso for $14 (Daiso is a Japanese dollar store). First you boil the water on medium heat, then you add the herbs, and boil for 1 hour (no less, no longer). Strain out the herbs and drink up! Finish the entire  cup quick because hot damn, it’s bitter! It’s bitter when it’s hot, it’s even more bitter when it’s cold. After drinking the first batch, you have to boil it again to finish the second cup.

There’s something about how these herbs have a ying and a yang. Both doses need to be taken for healing. Oh yeah, and your house becomes a bit stinky from the boiled herbs. But the stink is nothing compared to the bitterness… yay. If it works though, it’s totally worth it!

Clay pot



I also need to change my diet for this medicine to really work. If you have acne issues, it’s recommended to cut out of your diet: mangos, pineapples, shellfish, red meat, and sweets. The hardest one for me? Shellfish and steak. Told you this was a sad story…

So my little bumps are becoming actual red pimples now. I can only assume that’s healing and my skin is trying to dispose of the dirt. I really hope that’s the case. I’ll send an update when I’m completed with my herbal treatments to let you know if this was indeed worth it.

^^^ Darkest and most bitter drink ever… Can’t even eat candy afterwards to counteract the taste


Did you ever have a bad case of acne? How did you combat? Have you ever chose Eastern medicine over Western? How did it work? Please share!