H-Town Food

I finally got my food on in Houston!

On Saturday, I had Torchy’s Tacos for lunch. Then ventured to go to Cloud 10 Creamery. Sadly they didn’t have the Fall favorite, Maple Butter, but I do love their egg custard and vanilla bean flavors. Lastly, I got to buy some Crave cupcakes. This might sound crazy, but cupcakes are not on the top of my dessert list, probably at the bottom. Usually cupcakes are too sweet… I do love the design of the Crave store though – lots of teal and brown, a display of vintage mixers, and people hand stamping the logo onto fondant. Pretty neat store!

Torchy's TacosAt Torchy’s and yes, it was awkward taking this pic because I have no idea who those people are! I wish I had that sign though

Cloud 10 Creamery
Egg custard ice cream is delicious. I need to learn this recipe!

CraveCrave cupcakes – so much detail in each cupcake 

Just for fun, a few friends and I also went to Rocket Fizz. This store displays hundreds of sodas (including Jelly Belly soda, Jones, and a bunch of other crazy flavors, like bacon, pumpkin pie, and ranch dressing). So fun!

Rocket FizzOverload of soda!!

SodaDid you want a meal in soda form?

On a Sunday morning, one must have Shipley donuts when in Sugar Land. Bought half a dozen and easily ate them all!


MG and I made a reservation at Backstreet Cafe in Montrose for a late afternoon brunch, and I’m so glad we ventured out that far. We had an amazing lunch – crimini mushrooms cooked escargot style, jalapeños pasta chicken alfredo, and steak benedict with tomato hollandaise. Wow! Aren’t you so jealous? Definitely one of the better brunches that I’ve had. The restaurant is in a house with a full bar downstairs, and it also has live music. If you’re ever in Houston, take my word and check this place out! Make sure you make a reservation because apparently everyone and their mom knows about this joint.

Backstreet CafeHow cute is this restaurant?

Backstreet Cafe - Mushrooms

Jalapeño Alfredo

Steak Benedict

What are some of your favorite places to go in Houston or Sugar Land? Any recommendations since I’m still going to be here for a few more days?

What did you eat this weekend?