Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Are you a savory or sweet type of person? At night what do you crave the most?

I’m always craving salty foods. My favorite snacks include Cheeto’s, fries, and chips. My all time favorite snack? Beef jerky. It’s what I want all the time! Obviously there are days where I crave sweets. But if I’m craving sweets, it needs to be SUPER sweet. I’m talking chocolate cake with chocolate chips topped with chocolate fudge and caramel. Why so specific? Cause I just ate that… No joke. I’ll probably have jerky after the sweets though.

For you savory people, I came across the best beef jerky ever, and I want to let you know about it too!

It’s Jack Link’s Prime Rib Seasoning Tender Cuts. I could eat these all day. For some reason they are really hard to find at the stores. You always see the regular, pepper, or teriyaki flavors, but you need to do some searching for the prime rib one. Because of this, I actually buy these in bulk, 5 packages every time. I feel crazy when I go and check out. The cashier always looks at each of the bags to see what’s the big deal.

Beef Jerky!Do I look a bit crazy here?

The two places that I’ve seen this specific jerky is Walmart and Target. Promise they are good. Go buy a bag and let me know what you think about these tasty little treats!

Have a great weekend,