A Few Funnies

The rumor is that the first year of marriage is the hardest. This is probably the biggest lie you’ll ever hear. Well… it can either be true or false. It’s your attitude that makes the difference.

It is a give and take type of relationship. We are all selfish people, so take as you feel necessary. Ask for attention. Ask for a compliment or a gift. It’s okay, just don’t take advantage. More importantly though, give. If you can continue to give unconditionally, it changes everything. Your spouse’s happiness is a contagious thing. Give the last bite of ice cream, send them a sweet text, come home with your spouse’s favorite candy after a grocery trip. It’s really the little things. Do you other married couples agree or have any other advice?

So how’s my marriage? Married life is and has been so much fun. You can be inappropriate all the time, every day!

Probably TMI, but here’s a conversation we recently had after a work trip:

MG: What makes you feel sexy?
Me: Umm… I like compliments.
MG: …
MG: …
MG: I like your nostrils

LOTS of laugh as a result. What do you think? Are my nostrils sexy?


On another note:
My sister and I had a Google Hangout date. This is how we chat:

Crazy cat ladiesI don’t think we’re crazy cat ladies, do you? Okay… maybe it’s undeniable.

Have a fantastic weekend (yay for Labor Day),