Happy Love Day!

It’s Valentine’s Day today! I hope you feel loved every day and but specifically more today. If you want to ask someone out on a date for this wonderful day of hearts, this dating advice is the ultimate answer for you.

I agree that 2/14 is a Hallmark holiday, consumerism at its finest. But it doesn’t have to be. It can simply be a day to remind you to love the people around you. In my own busy life, I forget to admire and appreciate the people around me. Be honest, does this happen to you too?

Valentine’s Day is just this. It’s just another day to remind myself to show people around me that I love them. People desire love. People want to be admired and acknowledged. Do it today!

One prime example is marriage. MG and I are coming up on 2 years in June (wow that was quick). He works all day, I work on projects, and then when work ends, we sit on the couch and watch TV and/or do personal things on our own tablets, phones, and laptops. Then we head to bed. It’s not like we don’t converse throughout the day, but we don’t have any serious conversations or emotionally invested talks. This is an easy cycle where couples grow apart, so it’s extremely important to have date nights.

I didn’t buy anything for MG, but I made him “date night” letters. I put together 13 envelopes for every month, leading up to next February. Each envelope contains a date night idea for each month. MG will have to open one envelope the beginning of the month, and we’ll set a day to go out.

I decided to make this gift because MG and I always talk about how date night should be built into our relationship, especially when we have kids. Life only gets busier with kids right? Or so I hear. Unfortunately, we haven’t started setting date nights yet, so I hope this gift will be a jumpstart for us because giving gifts is just one of the multitude of ways to tell a guy you like him.

These papers were from our wedding!

All wrapped up and ready for MG! (I used my DIY pom pom to top it off)

And lastly, I made him Valentine’s Day cards.

Meat Valentine

Adorable right? WARNING: this can only be given if you’re in the comfortable phase of your relationship. Don’t misuse this Valentine and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Download the Meat Valentine here

And here’s my favorite one!

Anxious poops

Don’t even… I’m sure you get anxious poops too! If you know me at all, you know this is the PERFECT card. You can use this card too!

Download the Anxious Poops Valentine’s card here

What are your Valentine’s plans? What did you get your loved one this year? How will you be showing your love to people around you?

Now go and tell people you love them. Everyone!