Sushiland in Hayward

Sushiland is one of my favorite places to go to in the East Bay. It’s cheap and the food is good. Weird right? Who would have thought there was good sushi in Hayward?

^^^ Storefront

This is the perfect restaurant for a Friday date night. It’s a small, little shack on Mission, definitely something you would pass by if you weren’t looking for it. When you walk in, there are 8 tables and 6 bar spots. When it’s prime dinner time, expect there to be a line. Sushi rolls range from $6-10, bento boxes are less than $10, and the udon is so flavorful for a colder day and less than $10 too.


I almost don’t want to tell people about this place so that it doesn’t get so packed! It’s such a gem in the middle of Hayward. If you’re ever visiting me, this is probably where we’ll eat.

Crunchy Roll
Crunchy roll for $6

Sashimi platter

Salmon KamaThis is my favorite dish – Salmon Kama for $5. It’s is the collar of a Salmon, flame-grilled, and the meat is so succulent! If you’re ever at a Sushi restaurant and they have salmon or hamachi kama on the menu, do yourself a favor and order it.

We come here at least once every two weeks. In the past month, we’ve gone every week. You could say we’re obsessed with this place.

What are you some of your favorite sushi spots? Who wants to dinner date with me at Sushiland?


Hiking at Dry Creek

I always have to remind myself that weekends are for relaxing and getting your sleep fix. Since there’s no work, I always want to pack out my weekend with adventures, but that usually burns me out during the week. Anyone else feel that way?

With that said, this weekend wasn’t as exciting as the last (see last weekend’s rafting trip here). But I got my beauty sleep, and I can’t complain about that!

It was a very easy going Saturday. I slept in until 11am and then baked some bread (bread recipe to come soon). Then I got to see the in-laws and have a delicious Chinese dinner with them. Crab is one of my favorite foods, and my mother in law spoils me!

MG flew to Chicago for work on Sunday afternoon. To make the most of our time together, we skipped church (oh these naughty young kids…) and spent some time together on a hike with the right hiking and camping gear at our disposal. We went to Dry Creek Park in Union City, and finally hiked the entire loop (~4 miles). We went twice before this trip but with bulk ammo and we would always run out of time and never finished the loop. This time we made sure to build enough time in! It was misty and cloudy in the morning, around 65 degrees, the perfect weather for a hike.

Check out some of our hiking pictures below:


Spider web
Came across many spider webs catching all the mist. Pretty cool!

Low sugar levels… Need energy!

At the top
View from the very top. Squinty eyed because it was getting sunny!

Afterwards, we had a well-deserved Chinese breakfast: sweet soy milk, Chinese donut, and pan fried pork buns. YUM

What did you do this past weekend?

Love, Jay