DIY Gender Reveal Poppers

Revealing the gender of your baby is such a HUGE ordeal now, and I don’t blame anyone. It is a big moment during a pregnancy.

MG and I didn’t want to be surprised, but we wanted to surprise others. I’m actually not good with surprises anyway, but I enjoy it so much to give other people that satisfaction. We found out the gender around 13 weeks (typically it’s confirmed around 20 weeks), and from there, we were already starting to plan on how we would tell our parents.

After doing some research on where I could purchase items, I decided to make my own because it’s wayyy cheaper, and you can pick out your own fun designs. We picked out some fun wrapper covers (gender neutral of course), and the inside was filled with the gender color (blue for boy or pink for girl).


DIY Gender Reveal Poppers

Since my parents live in Texas, we mailed the poppers to them. My soon-to-be brother in law helped us ensure there was no peeking, and also initiated Facetime so that MG and I could watch. It was epic (see last post for the video).

Use this DIY tutorial from Oh Happy Day to make the poppers. They also have a great template to wrap around the cylinder.

I did a few things differently:

  • Added another cover layer on top so that I could choose some fun designs
  • Added a circular cover on the top with white cardstock
  • Added a SUPER slim piece of paper tape on the sides to stick the covers onto the tops
Pink Confetti

Pink Confetti ^^^

Are you interested in a gender reveal? If you did one already, how did you unveil the news? I’d love to hear about it!

Proud mama to a baby girl,

Gender Reveal (Popper Style)

This is one of those milestone moments during your pregnancy – the gender reveal. It’s really the talk of the town! Do you want to know or wait for a surprise? Will you tell others? Do you want to be surprised by friends? So much around this now!

Gender is confirmed between 18-20 weeks if parents choose to know. I didn’t know this prior to being pregnant, because my first response when I found out people were expecting is, “do you know the gender?” You’re welcome, for that fact!

Can you guess the gender based on this picture? Look at that little booty!

Baby Butt

I wanted the reveal to be for my family, not necessarily for us. We were ecstatic on becoming parents so a party to reveal wasn’t needed. However, this is the first grandchild for both sets of families so I wanted to surprise them. Additionally, my parents live in Texas so I wanted it to be a fun reveal. Hence, I made poppers! I’ll have a DIY tutorial in a future post, coming soon.

Surprisingly our ultrasound technician told us the gender around 13 weeks. Though it wasn’t confirmed, because it was so early, she was pretty sure. I’ll be honest here; I was expecting a boy. My pregnancy symptoms were telling me it was a boy (even though it’s not scientifically proven). MG even had a dream that we had a little boy. And in my head, boys take care of their siblings, which was a very idealistic view. A Date With Baby, a 3D ultrasound clinic, offers high-quality 3D/4D ultrasound services to all expectant mothers in Toronto. With A Date With Baby, you and your loved ones will be able to see the incredible images of your unborn baby with crystal-clear quality and precision.

However, the more I sat on the idea of a girl, the more excited I became. She would be my mini, and we’d dress the same (oh yes, definitely be expecting those mommy and me shots because they will be coming your way!). We get to take a picture of 4 generations of women since my Grandma is still lively and amazing. She’ll be my caretaker (because in reality, do boys even take care of their siblings?). Plus, if I only had girls, I’d actually be okay with that. If I only had boys, I’d always want a girl.

And now that I have her to snuggle with, I wouldn’t change her for the world!

Here’s a video of my parents as they open their poppers. Thank you to Baldwin for Facetime-ing us in and organizing the reveal.

So fun documenting these moments!

Gender reveals – what do you think about them?