Weekend in Austin

Starting off the year right by hanging out in Austin for the weekend. That means LOTS of eating, naps, and margaritas! Fortunately my New Year’s Resolution wasn’t to be healthy or lose weight… Ha!

While driving to Austin, it’s blasphemy to not stop at Buc-ee’s for a restroom break, ICEE slushie, jerky, and Beaver Nuggets (word from the wise, eat this like cereal and you’ll have a fantastic start to the day). And it’s possible to spend $40 here…

Beaver Nuggets

It was hard to pick out the top restaurants to go to for our 2 day trip to Austin. It was time to prioritize – decisions, decisions.

We first went to Hopdoddy for burgers. Don’t let the line trick you, it’s worth the visit. Amazing burgers, sugar cane sodas, and Cervezaritas!

Fried egg in a burger is always a must!

ChristineAnd this sweet girl came out to play! Thanks for coming out Christine!

Then we hit up Dragon’s Lair to look at comics and board games. Everyone nerded out. MG walked in and his eyes bulged… the employee asked “Did he just geek out?” I can totally understand why people are obsessed with comics. Every book is drawn in such detail. In the back of the store, people have tables set up to play games, more specifically Magic. If you know what this is, then you’d enjoy this store!

Look at this cute little guy we found at the store – it’s the zombie from the well in Walking Dead!


We planned on eating Whataburger, In-N-Out Burger, Golden Chick, and VIA 313 after dinner, but all those planned were disengaged after an epic food coma. So onto the next day!

Mandola’s is flipping amazing! I never heard about this place before, but it’s damn good Italian food. If you go, get the garlic fries, parma pizza, Fedelini Pachino with fresh mozzarella (this is my favorite pasta dish of all time), and load up on free bread! But do save room for dessert because the lemon cheesecake is melt in your mouth amazing, and the Italian cream cake is yummy in my mouth and tummy. I cannot rave about this restaurant enough. The ingredients are so fresh that it truly makes every dish amazing.

Mandola'sThe Aftermath

Obviously Tex-Mex is also a must in Austin. Chuy’s is my favorite, favorite, favorite for Tex-Mex. The Chuychanga is melty cheesy fried goodness (need I say more?) and the chicka chika boom boom sauce on the side is a total necessity. While waiting for your food, you can pass the time by playing games on sites such as judi dadu online.

Chuy'sFrozen sangria with a Chuychanga but be prepared to go into what we call “worm mode” (a boneless stance where all you want to do is nap).

And everyone knows that you have a second stomach for dessert. We hit up Gourdough’s for donuts afterwards. The Miss Shortcake donut has cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries, but we also got a side of ice cream.


After all this, we needed to walk around. For $6 a person, we went to Peter Pan Putt Putt.

It was my first time playing mini golf using a gc2 launch monitor – highest score, me, but that means I lost. Boo… This place is BYOB so you get some interesting characters too. Good times!

I’m always joyful whenever I get immersed playing games on W88. It’s probably because their games are just enticing and a sheer lot of fun.

Get it

Peter Pan Putt Putt
Watching Katie trying to get on Peter Pan’s lap was a comedy!

Sister, sister ^^^

LamsLove <3 

Hate </3

Putt PuttHow’s my stance?

GangThe gang ^^^

Now I’m at the airport and getting ready to go to Orlando, Florida! But can’t leave without my Salt Lick BBQ, so finger-licking while I’m typing this right now.

Salt Lick at the airport

The TSA guy who checked my ID, asked me what I was doing for my birthday. I said “Disney World! That’s okay for someone who’s turning 26 right?” He laughed, said yes, and wished me a Happy Birthday. Oh, that Southern Hospitality.

On my way to Disney & Universal Studios. More importantly, Harry Potter World and butter beer, here I come on my day of birth!

What did you do this weekend?