Remember my last LAN party? It was so much fun, MG and I hosted another one!


Same gamers. Different game. Most importantly, more food!

I think we all know MG’s task and my task when it comes to these parties. I’m set up. He’s the chef. Yeah right! I can’t even roll up cables correctly. I have no idea how he sets these types of things up, which is why I’m in charge of food. Only true LAN-ers know how important it is to have delicious snacks during game time (now that we’re not in college that is… College would have just been bring your own Mountain Dew and Cheetos). For lunch we had those fancy grilled cheese sandwiches again (we’ll continue to eat this since we bought sliced cheese at Costco!).

Surely, with age means more of this!  Veggies > Chips

MuffinsBaked goods ^^^ (Broccoli Rice cups recipe here)

Hot Dog in a Muffin
Nope, not your normal cornbread muffin!

Then for dinner, we had to order Hungry Howies. It’s the best pizza ever! That’s an understatement. 4 pizzas for 8 people… Yup, we overdid it. We had two pizzas left.

This was the ultimate highlight of the night:

Homemade spam musubi!!! Musubi!!! See the excitement?

My friend Serena made these for the entire gang. You should go check out her blog (Food-Touring) – Really cool foods from around the globe.

Back to the nerd gathering – If you’re wondering, yes, I game during LAN parties too! This time we ventured to Borderlands 2. It’s an easy to understand, first person shooter game that requires you to complete tasks, which in turn will jump you to the next level. There’s a whole story… blah, blah, blah. Now let’s shoot monsters!

Do you go to LAN parties? What games do you play? What snacks do you have?

Don’t you want to come to my party?