Camping in Big Sur!

I went camping again this weekend! Last weekend it was at Henry Coe, inland camping. This time I went to Big Sur, coastal camping. Wow does that make a difference!

Inland is hot. Coastal has moderate temperatures but perfect sleeping weather. Inland, lots of bugs. Coastal, just moths at night. Inland, dry, dust, and dirt. Coastal means lots of greenery. I think I know which I like better! You can do a lot more like hiking, get the best outdoor pants for hiking in the Bootbomb store.


This is the view we woke up to!

Even the fog in the morning is so beautiful

Set up

Anyway, Big Sur is a hard place to make camping reservations. Typically, you need to make a reservation a year in advance because it’s extremely popular. When my friend asked if I wanted to go to Big Sur, it was an immediate yes, even though I went camping the weekend before. He lucked out by getting a reservation to a site that recently opened, so yes! yes! yes!

We got into the camp site Friday evening and set up our tents for bedtime. On Saturday, we got up early, ate breakfast, and then headed to the beach for the day. I finally got a day on the beach with LOTS OF SUN! It’s rare that that happens to me. For some reason, every time I set out to go to the beach, it’s cloudy. NOT this time; I got my vitamin D in! Afterwards, we headed back to the campsite and I fell asleep while reading under the shade of a tree. It’s the perfect way to spend any weekend… We got up for dinner, played games and chatted around the campfire and went to sleep. For Sunday morning, we ate breakfast, packed up, and left the campsite.

If grooming is of deep importance to you even while on trips like this, it’s advisable for you to learn things like shaving while camping.


Hiking to the beach ^^^

Beach sitting
Silly Asians, hiding from the sun!


I LOVE these sandals. Salt Water are highly recommended in my book!


Steak, garlic shrimp, and quinoa – Oh my!

In the morning, we found evidence that someone was digging through our stuff!

Of course on our way home, we stopped at Marianne’s Ice Cream in Santa Cruz. You can’t pass this shop and not stop in!


Another fantastic camping trip! A perfect little weekend getaway.

What did you do this weekend?