A Trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium

Work has been awesome! I can’t believe how much I actually enjoy working again.

To make you jealous, we took an agency field trip last week to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. A bus was rented to take us to Monterey, we stayed at the aquarium for an hour and a half, and then had lunch in Capitola before heading home. This year, the aquarium has a new exhibit, Tentacles

Monterey Bay Aquarium


The aquarium always reminds me how much wonder nature holds. Each and every individual organism is so unique, and every detail has some sort of function. In instances like this, you realize there’s something greater than yourself.

Here are some fun pictures from the aquarium! There’s so much more to see than what’s pictured here. Go check it out!


^^^ This one is like “hai guys!”


And then there are the amazing jellyfish, always photogenic!





Blue Jellies


Egg yolk
^^^ The egg yolk jelly! Looks like breakfast!

And then, I wanted to take home one of these:

Sea otter!!!

And I wanted one of these too. I’m sure it would have fit in my purse!


Kelp Forest
The kelp forest is pretty neat too!

It’s an amazing place! I really recommend going to this aquarium if you are ever in Monterey. Just for fun, you can check out their live webcams!

Have you been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium before? What did you think? If you haven’t been, do you want to go and why?

Have a great Monday,