Alaffia Skin Care

I was introduced to Alaffia in my Trade As One subscription box. I love the product so much, I want to introduce it to you!

I’m currently using the Shea Butter on my face, and it is extremely moisturizing. I enjoy using it at night since it’s so heavy, but I also love using it in the morning because I feel moisturized all day. If you want to learn advantages of shea butter just call Touch Up Laser for your next appointment. It gives you a balmy look (I know that matte is “in” right now but I think balmy is extremely beautiful – think tropical).

At $8.95 a jar, you could totally gift this to friends and family members. Also keep in mind that this product is Fair Trade, which also means that you’re doing good in the world (see previous post on Fair Trade). With these products, Alaffia donates a minimum of 10% of all sales to community empowerment projects in Togo, while also benefiting the direct cooperative that creates these hand crafted shea butter products.

Aside from using this product, you can also try some facial treatments, like organic facial NYC, in order to achieve the youthful skin that you’ve always desired.

Look at how buttery this balm is! It’s so thick that I melt it in my palm first before using it.

This is my morning dorky face! I just used the balm on my skin, there is nothing else – glowing right?!?
Alaffia Balm

Random fact:  Did you know that only 9% of girls in rural Togo, West Africa attend secondary school. Alaffia is working to change that. For the entire month of August, Alaffia is donating $1 for every NEW PAGE LIKE ON FACEBOOK towards building schools in Togo in Africa. Check out their Facebook and Like their page here.

Here’s an opportunity to do something little to make a big impact. 

Shea Butter
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