Sophie’s Cake Smash

I had the pleasure of working with a little girl named Sophie, who just turned one!

A friend of mine asked me to take some family shots and birthday pictures for their little girl. How could I say no to one of the most adorable little humans? Mom wanted some cake smash pictures to celebrate her big birthday. We set a date, a location, and you get the rest.

Enough reading. Let’s get onto these pictures!


We actually found out she doesn’t like cake. She didn’t like the stickiness; she didn’t like the taste too much. We couldn’t get too many cake smash pictures. But I did get some of her being a little bit curious! We basically stuck her hands into the cake… We thought it wouldn’t be very nice to stick her face into it. Haha! Instead we dabbed her with some icing, which she didn’t seem to mind.




^^^ Oh gosh! I loveeee this pic





^^^ I love these three action shots. Sophie is showered with so much love from her parents.

And this is my all time favorite shot. Mommy & Baby!

Kate & Sophie

It was my first photo session ever. So honored to have Kate and Eric ask me to photograph and trust me for this huge moment in their little one’s life. I thought that the cake smash part would be the best, but my favorite part of the session was photographing the intimate settings between mom and baby/dad and baby.

It’s definitely not easy being a photographer. Much respect! I’ve been trying to figure out my photography “style.” Any suggestions? It’s my biggest struggle right now. Do I like the pop of colors? A bit desaturated for the vintage feel? Brightness to wash out some of the background? Photographers, please give me some advice. How did you find your style?

Go eat cake!