Meet My Little Ella!

We got a puppy! Meet little Miss Ella (short for Eleanor Harriet because human names for pets are the best).


I had to deploy my best advertising/marketing skills in order to get one, hence why I’m in the ad world! She’s a little Havanese pure breed, born on July 13. I’m in love!

I’ve been asking begging for a dog as long as I can remember. I grew up with all kinds of pets – dogs, cats, birds, turtles, guinea pigs, rabbits. You name it, my sister and I probably had it. On the opposite end, MG never had any animals growing up. In his mind, they are dependent and dirty (which isn’t all wrong technically). MG finally gave in to my request for our cat, Chubs, a few years ago. But in my heart, I knew, and he knew, that I would always still want a dog. That companionship cannot be compared to others!

One random day, I decided to go on Craigslist to check out available dogs. Lo and Behold! Pure bred puppies for sale! I never heard of the Havanese breed before so I did some researching and found out that 1) it’s a mild tempered dog, 2) perfect for apartments/townhouses since they don’t need much exercise, 3) medium sized and grow to be around 15 pounds, and 4) most importantly, hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed. This was the PERFECT storm. Now I know that Craigslist isn’t always the best place to purchase a dog, so I was weary of this fantastic opportunity. I brought a girl friend with me to go see the dog incase there were any red lights on the owners. I didn’t want to purchase from a puppy mill, and I needed to make sure that this owner raised her pets in a good environment. So before we went, we put together a checklist with a potential no in mind. But to my surprise, the owners owned both mom and dad, had all the papers required to show for the breed, and printed contracts to even provide financial security incase the adopted little one had health issues. And that was the night, we took our little baby home.

She’s been a handful. Puppies are definitely life changing, and it’s not overly stated at all. We have to get up every 2-3 hours to take her out to potty, we’ve been training her to learn commands, and LOTS of carpet mishaps, which we knew would be part of training. More importantly, a watchful eye as she plays outside of her pen so that she doesn’t make mistakes. It’s even more difficult right now since she’s not allowed outside yet without her third round of shots. Dreaming of the day that she’s allowed outside and potty trained. Almost there.

But look at that cute face!!

Ella and Me

Ella and Chubs

Ella kisses,

Lululemon Superpowers

On Friday night, MG and I decided to go get some Lululemon gear for our half marathon. We thought it might get me hyped up for the run, so I wanted to get a moisture-wicking long sleeve. That’s what we set out to do!

Except we spent an hour at Lululemon, getting talked up by the sales people, and ended up dropping $250. Oh goodness… The tops were so expensive that I decided “Nope, not getting that!” If I was going to spend money, let’s get a sports bra. Something that wouldn’t squash my girls, keeps all the jiggle in, and something comfortable (isn’t that what every girl wants? Why is that so hard to find). OH MY GOD. I’m a LULU believer! The Energy Bra does all that, and it keeps my figure. When I wear a shirt over it, I have boobs! It’s not flatness, which is amazing. Seriously, if you need a good sports bra, I think it’s totally worth the spend (and no, I’m not getting paid to tell you this… I wish).

Aren’t the straps so cute?

Then the sales lady sold me on a pair of capris because they were on sale. I’ve wanted a pair for a while now, so why not? I added a headband because I sweat like a beast monkey, and the band is suppose to wick sweat too.

At this point, MG is jealous that I have stuff and he doesn’t. He picked up some socks and found a pair of compression shorts (Surge shorts) to run in. These shorts have a built in pair of compression briefs, and he loves the comfort! No chafing means a happy man.

I love the camo print ^^^

Finally, we went to check out and spent too much. We were there until closing time. Yikes!


On Saturday we tested out all our gear on a 10 mile run. 2 weeks ago, MG and I ran 5 miles outside, the most we’ve ever run. We made it to 10 miles this past weekend! Now we’re definitely ready for our half marathon. We joke that our Lululemon gear gave us superpowers!


At the 2 mile mark, we made a pit stop at Lucky’s in order for me to pee. MG also purchase a granola bar because he was hungry…

This is the funniest part – Before we went to sleep, MG looks over at me and tells me, “I’ve decided. I’m a Lululemon snob, and I don’t care. They make the best gear, and everything is well-thought out… the zipper even snaps back down. I don’t work out, but I want all Lulu gear. When can we go back?”

Probably once every 3 years because we simply can’t spend too much money on work out gear, especially if we don’t work out! Tehehe…

What did you do this weekend?