Wedding time!

Wedding season is upon us! June is a month that’s near and dear to me.

MG and I got married on June 30, 2012.


Our two year anniversary is almost here! To celebrate and to relive that glorious day, I am going to be on a 5 week blogging theme dedicated to weddings, showing you pictures of my wedding and tips to ensure a smooth planning process (or at least as smooth as can be). I was one of the early ones to get married. I wish I had some wisdom and advice from friends during my engagement on how to plan; it would have been so helpful. So I want to do just that – share some advice. I really hope that you find these posts interesting and that it helps you get creative when planning. If you have questions along the way, ask!

Here’s a few snippets of what’s to come:

  • Tips for the invite process
  • How I shopped for my dress (I designed it)
  • How we picked our venue
  • Scheduling
  • DIY decor
  • Reception table decor
  • Getting your wedding rings from a top jeweller in Brisbane
  • Photography expectations
  • A traditional Chinese tea ceremony
  • First look
  • Ceremony and reception
  • Plus, lots of tricks of the trade to have a cost-efficient but gorgeous wedding

Before we begin, know that MG and I wanted to keep our wedding costs to a minimum, while also having the wedding of my dreams. We had about 210 in attendance at our wedding because we both have large families and also both go to church. We found ways to cut costs by purchasing items online and DIY-ed many decoration pieces. Emily steward photography offers affordable wedding photography that leaves you in awe with how beautiful they capture each moment.

Before you begin the planning process, chew on this:

1. How many guests and what’s your budget? That’s the very first thing to think about!
2. If you like it, purchase it. You’ll rack your brain with wedding things because there’s so much out there!
3. Enjoy the process. Remember that in the end, you’re marrying someone you love. Wedding day is one day but you’re marrying the person for a lifetime.

Tea ceremony

J ready

Getting ready




Stay tuned! And if you’re not planning a wedding yet, start your wedding pin board. It’s never too early! Or at least, come check out the pictures.

Happy Monday!
All photography by Orange Turtle Photography

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