Lazy Weekend

How was your weekend?

Weekends are typically so busy so I cherish those rare ones where I can sleep in. Saturday started out with sleeping until 10am and going to the local farmer’s market. I stocked up on my veggies so I can make more juice (Yay, we’re still juicing!). Then I finished watching True Detective. If you want to chat about this series, let me know! It’s a little too twisted for my taste but nonetheless great writing.

The best part of my weekend? Dinner at Holly and David’s house! They hosted us for a little apartment-warming, and I couldn’t ask for a better dinner!

Restaurant Sign

Dinner settting ^^^ so pretty!

Deliciousness – everyone gets a crab!

Thanks to Chef Holly and Sous Chef Mickey

On another note, my friend has two adorable cats and one dog. They have all been coming over for fellowship group on Wednesdays at my house. Look at this animal lover here!

Pet lover
Tito on the left sleeps like a hippo!

I groomed the cats and was able to get a bunch of loose fur. With that, MG and I started to needle felt with fur (don’t judge, I know you’re jealous).

Needle felting
My two boys needle felting

Basically, sculptural needle felting is poking at a piece of wool until the fibers are condensed and tangled. From there you form a three dimensional shape simply by poking at the piece of wool. Use your imagination! With my friend’s cat fur, I was able to make this:


Hehehehe! I’ll need to practice more until I can start taking orders but not too shabby for my first project right? Tehehe Can’t wait to give this to my friend Jenny and to see her reaction!

I just finished watching The Walking Dead series finale (OMG I need more!). And now I’m watching Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Thanks ABC Family for having another marathon). Epic ending to the weekend!

Come back for some fun recipes this week!

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