Circle Garland DIY

I truly believe that decoration can change the entire look and feel of an environment. For instance, Police Flags displayed in a room can convey a sense of respect, honor, and safety. After I painted the walls in my home, it became a more comfortable environment. Typically people stick with white, but I painted a dark navy that almost looks black during the day. I love it! To add some fun aspect, I stenciled the opposing wall with a yellow lattice pattern. I’ve also put up curtains which makes any room feel more grand. I’m starting to really love this home decor thing. I’ve been asked to help decorate a dentist office recently. I immediately accepted the offer and will be starting on designing this week. And of course, I’ll be taking you along the journey via my blog. We’ll see where this takes me! I’m so excited for the opportunity!

Perhaps you saw the decor at the bridal shower from my weekend post (previous post here)! I helped with that! Today’s post will be a DIY on how to make those circular garlands. Perfect for parties! It’s great to use as a backdrop for pictures as well!

These are so easy to make but it does take time. It took me about 3 hours a day for 5 days to make 15 garlands. Worth it when you get some great photos!


What you’ll need:

  • Paper to cut circles (I made about 225 circles for 15 strings of circles)
  • Circle cutter (similar one hereOR circle punch (affordable one here)
  • Cutting mat (I used a piece of plywood)
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue gun with extra glue sticks

Directions: Cut out circles, line them up in a straight line, and hot glue the circles onto your fishing line. When cutting the circles, make sure you have something underneath so you don’t scratch up your surface (oh my poor dining table…).

Another option to put these together is sewing the circles into a straight line (perhaps you’ve seen this option on Etsy). I think the hot glue is easier but that’s up to you!

Aren’t these colors so pretty?


Here’s the photo tutorial:


If you have a Silhouette, use it! It’s a cutting machine for avid scrapbookers or crafters. The best thing about this machine is that you can design your own shapes and fonts to be cut, whereas with the Cricut cutter you’re limited to their cartridges. It’s a pricey machine at $270. I would suggest only purchasing if you’ll use it often. Otherwise the Martha Stewart cutter at $12 is a great option. Still interested? You can purchase the Silhouette here.

I was able to cut 12 circles per every standard sheet of paper easily on the Silhouette. It saved me a buttload of time!


I really love these garlands, so festive!


Have you ever purchased these garlands? Where did you get them and what did you use them for? Is this something you can make for your next party?

With love,


I’m kind of a grandma… (couch, movie, my cat, oh yeah and my husband is the perfect night in). But the one time a year that I stay out late was this past weekend!

It was all for a good reason. My sweet Holly is getting married in June!!! Get the title??? Holly-day… Holiday!

We celebrated with a bridal shower and bachelorette party all on Saturday night. Whew, and we made it through the day. No cat fights, no injuries, and lots of memories (few that Holly can recall, winky face).

Holly is an avid baker. The theme of her shower was “Love is Sweet” to align with her skills. We had the girls play some games, and winners got baking items (like cookie cutters, tea mugs, baking utensils). We also gave away gift baggies with cookies, tea, and honey sticks. Her colors are teal and purple so ultimately those were the colors of the shower decor too!


Stay tuned for a tassel garland DIY soon!

Drumroll please… This was the highlight of the party – the food!


Yup, that’s a donut tree in the middle from Holly’s favorite donut shop.

A few featured items from the party ^^^ 

What kinds of food have you seen served at a bridal shower? Anything noteworthy?

Sugar CookiesOne of the games was to decorate these cookies – same cookie cutter but it was used as two different shapes (see below)


Then we went home, cleaned up, and headed to the city for the bachelorette!

Forbes Island
We took a small ferry to Forbes Island for dinner with a gorgeous view of the Bay and Alcatraz

A few of the girls at dinner!

And the night ended with debauchery, ah-tehehe. Bottle service at Infusion Lounge!

Server: “What kind of alcohol do you want?”
Holly: “Tequila!!!”

You can assume how the night ended!

Bottle service

Holly, I hope you had a fantastic day filled with love and xoxo. Can’t wait for the wedding!!!

What did you do this past weekend?