Flaming Cake & Revamped Goodies

Not every weekend needs to be an epic one. Sometimes, one needs to stay home to rest and buy groceries/run errands (basically my entire Saturday afternoon) and do some house things (basically my Sunday).

Three very serious and awesome things happened this weekend.

One:  this cake.

Baked Alaska
Coffee ice cream, fudge brownie, torched/flaming meringue, and bittersweet chocolate. Get it! Get it!

I went to Vault 164 in San Mateo with some friends on Friday night for dinner and drinks. The restaurant has a really scrumptious menu and fun cocktails, also very reasonable prices. I’d recommend you check it out if you’re ever in the area.

DIY projects are usually posted on Wednesdays, but I have a special treat right now. Since I am thrilled to show you some of my projects that I worked on over the weekend, I’ll be posting a DIY today!

Back on track… second very serious and awesome thing: I painted my storage unit for the bathroom! Do you remember what it looked like before? Since Chubs now owns the cabinet under the sink (his litter box is there), we had no place to put extra toilet paper. That could be a very awkward situation for guests, so you’re welcome everyone that comes over!

Bathroom Unit

Third and best thing that happened: I finally revamped that bench I bought at Salvation Army! Remember this bench that had so much potential? Remember how I paid only $15 for it? I’ve finally repainted and reupholstered it!

Bench - Before

Bench Top - BeforeIt’s so old! Look at those stains…

I’m excited to reveal this! Drumroll please!


What do you think? I’ll be putting this downstairs in our foyer. Can’t wait for people to walk in and see this beautiful piece!

Here’s a tutorial on how I revamped this baby. It’s an easy DIY, and the end product is well worth the effort!

Bench revamp tutorial

Bench revamp materials

This happened during the process. Chubs approves of the fabric!

Do you like my revamps? Are you thinking about thrifting for a bench now?

What did you do this weekend?
Grey Wolf Satin Acrylic Paint by Martha Stewart from Michael’s (I use this for pretty much everything!)

6 thoughts on “Flaming Cake & Revamped Goodies

  1. dude jamie, maybe i can build something and you can paint it! is there some kind of easy wood wood working project you have on the back burner or a furniture part that is falling apart that needs replacing?

    • danny, that’s an awesome idea! mg and i have been looking into purchasing a miter saw. we’re looking to build a console table, a headboard, and possibly upgrading some of our cabinetry. you can help us with that – actually it would be great if you could help us with that 🙂

  2. wow a miter… awesome!! i could use that! one thing that is really handy for furniture and designs is a router with some nice designs. it’s probably time to upgrade my bits, but they’re still really good. some of them (ogee bit, for instance) have never gotten any use. just google it and you’ll know what i mean. for table legs, a lathe is useful, but i cant justify the cost.

    • A router is so hard to use, based on experience from house building in Tijuana. There isn’t much control! A miter is definitely nice for the exact measurements. As for the lathe, probably will pass because I’m interested in a simple, clean, and shabby chic design for the console table, basically three pieces of plywood put together.

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